My psychotherapy approach to adults across the lifespan can address the complexities and challenges of your current life. My philosophy acknowledges an inner life and encourages the development of your capacity to be self-reflective.  We would collaborate to assist you in finding more satisfaction from life, by learning to access and develop your problem solving abilities from within rather than getting caught up in a bevy of external solutions. My approach to treatment could encourage you to know yourself more deeply so you are freer to act from a truer source to make more genuine choices, solving problems in a way that strengthens your self-confidence and integrity.  Together we might uncover your creative processes to bring you more joy in “being.”

With rich breadth and depth of career experience at my back, my current focus is helping adults of all ages.  Could you benefit by having a collaborative relationship with someone you trust with your private concerns, i.e. finding direction with career and intimate partners, working through mid-career challenges, facing complexities of family life /career balance; broken relationships; and aging/retirement/ challenges? Could you and your partner benefit from a couple’s therapy that helps you communicate with each other more effectively to build a relationship that is more satisfying because it takes into account the personalities and needs of both people? If so I can help.

By listening on both verbal and non-verbal levels, I can view your situation with both a wide-angled and a focused lens, and then collaborate to develop a tailor-made approach to your needs. I help people who struggle with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, life adjustment or transition issues, trauma, loss, internal conflicts, or self-defeating patterns. I can help you make changes using short or longer, more intensive approaches, depending on the goals for change you seek.